Tag: #NonBinaryInSTEM

Unique Scientist: Cal Donnelly

Can we get a round of applause to welcome Cal Donnelly (They/them/She/her)?! Cal is a computational virologist at the Roslin Institute (you know, where Dolly the sheep was born!) in Scotland! Cal is also a leader when it comes to promoting equality & diversity in the educational setting. What kind of scientist are you? I’m…

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Unique Scientist: Chris Spear

Time to meet Chris Spear (They/them)! Chris is a Masters’ student studying the physiology, biomechanics, and behaviour of sharks, skates, rays at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington the USA! What kind of scientist are you? I research elasmobranch (sharks, skates, rays) physiology, animal behaviour, and biomechanics. I do behind the scenes work with groups…

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