This project would not be possible without the help, support, and ongoing contributions of scientists all over the world! Meet the #UniqueTeam of scientists and allies that do all the work behind curtains!


Efra is a virologist and cell biologist from Puerto Rico. He completed his doctoral degree at North Carolina State University where he studied how different cells in the heart defend themselves against viral infections. He continued to study virus-cell interactions as a postdoctoral scientist at UNC-Chapel Hill and University of California, Davis prior to returning to UNC-Chapel Hill as a research associate in microbiology & immunology. When not in the lab, you can find him either at the nearest park walking his five rescue dogs, at the tattoo shop, or at the gym working as a certified personal trainer. He created #UniqueScientists in hopes to make the world a more accepting one. Visit his personal website here.


Naomi Cox

Naomi is a plant scientist working towards her Ph.D. at the University of Sheffield in the UK and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in the Philippines where she’s studying rice leaf development. She’s also a tattoo enthusiast, bassist, and huge fan of the outdoors – especially when combined with dogs. She’s hoping to help break down the barriers keeping people from science one hashtag at a time!     


Rhiannon is a biochemist and crystallographer in the final year of completing her PhD (woohoo!). She lives in Melbourne, Australia but is originally from Perth, on the other side of the country, so she spends a lot of her time trying to get used to the rain… even after 3 years of living in Melb! Rhiannon also does a lot of science communication as @Sci.with.Rhi on Instagram and on Twitter. Mostly, Rhiannon loves learning new things about the world, which is why she decided to become a scientist!


Sophie is a public health researcher studying longevity and aging across the lifespan. Her work focuses on preventing Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, improving quality of life for older people, and increasing awareness of preventive care. She is also a science communicator and loves to write and talk about the intersection of technology and healthcare. Her insights and bylines have appeared on Forbes, MarketWatch, PBS Next Avenue, Massive Science, Salon, and IEEE Potentials, among others. After getting degrees in bioinformatics and public health, Sophie started Global Health Aging, a publication that provides readers with facts about healthy aging and longevity. She is passionate about social media and has built online communities of 15K+ followers.


Taylor is an astrophysicist from Texas working towards her PhD at Texas A&M University, studying galaxies that formed less than 1 billion years after the Big Bang (for reference, the Universe is approx. 13.7 billion years old!).  An avid traveler, she loves going to telescopes all around the globe to conduct her observations; one day she hopes to have visited and used every large telescope on (& above!) the planet.  When not working, she takes countless photos of her two cats, crafts, plays her cello, and spends time with her amazing friends. A tattoo lover, she enjoys designing and getting tattoos that reflect her love of marine biology.  As someone who is severely affected by Imposter Phenomenon, she is passionate about normalizing what it means to be a scientist (the good & the bad) and highlighting the incredible strength that exists in diversity.


Danielle works as a ruminant nutrition consultant in Canada focusing on mediating metabolic disorders in lactating animals. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a BSA, Animal Science in 2018 and hopes to return to school in the near future for a Masters degree. Now in Toronto, she spends most of her spare time indulging in scary movies, painting skulls or cuddling with the many animals in her life.


Jaye is a cancer biologist at the Fox Chase Cancer Center where she focuses on understanding the signaling that arises from cell-cell interactions in the pancreatic tumor microenvironment. She makes science comic books about science and uses this approach to participate in science communication. As a first generation college graduate, Black, Latina, and woman in science, Jaye is passionate about increasing diversity representation in STEM and to promote inclusion in equity in academia. Jaye provides a genuine uplifting passion and artistic ‘ridiculously extroverted’ (as she calls herself) brain to the team.


Stephanie is a planetary astronomer and recovering academic. Her PhD research at the University of Michigan used an astronomy survey called the Dark Energy Survey to study… not dark energy. Instead, she explored the outer Solar System, searching for new small objects out beyond Neptune. But now she’s making the career jump into full-time science communication! She’s trained over 500 scientists to be better communicators through projects like RELATE at UMich and ComSciCon. She also loves to share cool astronomy results via Twitter and Astrobites. When she’s not doing #scicomm or trying to make STEM inclusive, equitable, and accessible, you can probably find her playing tennis or rock climbing, cuddling with her cat, or reading a book outside. Visit her personal website here.


charon-henning_logo-designer_cropCharon is a visual science communicator and Art Director for March Mammal Madness. Her areas of interest include vertebrate paleontology, ornithology and osteology. She writes and illustrates the webcomic “Kei’Phavian”, and is a semi-retired variety arts performer, swordswallower and fire eater. A licensed tattoo artist with over 20 years experience, she travels to a number of tattoo shops for work in the spring and summer months, mostly in the eastern United States. Charon lives on the road with her family in a restored 1966 Airstream Overlander travel trailer.

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