We are looking for scientists interested in becoming #UniqueAmbassadors to serve as mentors and/or local resources for the group(s) and/or city/province/country, respectively, you wish to represent based on your background. The goal is to be ‘on-demand’ contacts for current and/or future scientists interested in learning more about science.

Contact us if you would like to know about our project or interested in becoming a #UniqueAmbassador!

Current #UniqueAmbassadors:

[1] Noelle Colant (England and USA) – Noelle is a engineer from Akron, Ohio. She is currently a PhD candidate in Biochemical Engineering at UCL where she studies cell-free protein synthesis for vaccine and personalized medicine applications. She is a mental health advocate, a proud mentor and mentee, and a firm believer of incorporating art with science (and vice versa). Interested in connecting with Noelle? Check out her profile here!

[2] Dr. Antonella Dimotta (Italy and Ireland) – Dr. Dimotta is an Italian scientist, engineer and a violinist working in both Italy and Dublin (Ireland). She has an extensive list of interests including geology, environmental economics, soil and water conservation, climate change and human health. She is the only scientist in her family and defines herself as a ‘Fashion Scientist’ because the loves to combine new outfits and show her personality. As she says: “Enjoy your life and don’t let others define who you are! You are Unique! Go on!” If you are interested in learning more from Dr. Dimotta, check out her profile here!

[3] Nick Gladstone (USA) – Nick grew up between living in southern Ontario (Canada) and Tennessee (USA) and will soon be staring his Ph.D. program in Zoology (evolutionary and conservation biology) at Southern Illinois University! He is a first generation college graduate and comes from an unstable, low-income household and is passionate about assisting those with economical barriers. If you are interested in contacting Nick and to learn more about ‘how to make it’ with limited resources, check out his profile here!

[4] Melissa Molho (Mexico and USA) – Originally from Mexico, Melissa is a plant pathologist at the University of Kentucky. She is a leader and advocate interested in improving the well-being of international graduate students. To learn more about Melissa, click here!

[5] Dr. Alise Ponsero (France and USA) – Alise is a French postdoctoral fellow living in Tucson at The University of Arizona. She participates in various ‘DIY’ groups and open-source hardware organizations. Contact Alise if you have questions around computational biology, open science, or how to live in Arizona when craving French bread by clicking here!

[6] Dr. Ana Maria Porras Ana (Colombia and USA) – Born and raised in Colombia, Ana is a biomedical engineer currently working as a Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow at Cornell University. You can also find her on social media crocheting and teaching about microbes. Ana is also passionate about increasing the representation of Latinx scientists in STEM. To learn more about Ana, click here!.

[7] Megan Sieg (USA) – Illinois native Megan Sieg is working towards her Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Illinois. She is committed to making science more accessible to everyone and an advocate for scientists improving science literacy. Contact Megan if you have any questions about graduate school, neuroscience or toxicology, or to learn more about you can make an impact in your community by checking out her profile here!

[8] Matthew Sinton (Scotland) – Matthew is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he studies non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and its effects on epigenetic modifications. Matthew enjoys sci-fi and likes to explore the Highlands of Scotland with his husband and his dog. If you have questions related to postgraduate life or living/research training in Scotland, check out his profile here to connect with him (bonus: he can send you pictures of his dog, too!).


Genius Lab Gear (@geniuslabgear) – Dr. Derek Miller and his Genius Lab Gear company have been critical resources for #UniqueScientists. Derek has been a mastermind behind design of the #UniqueScientists stickers, t-shirts, and tank tops to financially assist our project and support our presence through branding and marketing.

Christine Liu (@christineliuart) – she is a Ph.D. candidate in Neuroscience at the University of California, Berkeley researching the relationship between nicotine and the brain’s dopamine system. In her spare time she make art to communicate science as co-founder of the art collective Two Photon Art. Christine is promoting diversity and uniqueness and kindly offered to financially support our program through her #BeeUnique t-shirt!

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