We want to thank all our supporters and scientists/educators who have submitted their bios! We have received so many submissions lately that we are trying our best to catch up, but it will take us some time to highlight everyone (but we will!). As a result, we are temporarily not accepting submissions until next year (“Season 2”). We cannot thank you all enough for all the love and support during this Season 1 of #UniqueScientists. We, just like you, have a career outside this program and (unfortunately) only so much time to share all these wonderful stories with our readers and we want to ensure y’all get the recognition deserved on our website and social media.

But, no worries – we have enough stories to keep us all motivated for months to come! If you submitted a bio prior to September 25th, 2019 then you are good and we will be highlighting your story in the upcoming weeks/months. Stay connected with our social media for more updates re Season 2 of #UniqueScientists and/or contact us if you have any questions!

The #UniqueTeam (September 25th, 2019)

Hooray! We are so glad you want to be a part of #UniqueScientists!

We are aiming to show that science is for everyone by showcasing the amazing diversity that exists. Let’s break down the idea that there is a way that scientists “should” be!

If you would like to be featured, please:

  • Complete the form below (1-3 sentences per question if at all possible) and…
  • Email us 2-3 pictures of you to uniquescientists.submit@gmail.com (make sure you include your name and/or Twitter handle in your email!).

Looking forward to hearing from you!

– the #UniqueScientists team

  • Finally, if you haven’t already then follow us on social media!
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